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Inception of the College 16 August 2001
Founder Most. Rev. Dr. Gali Bali, Former Bishop of Guntur Diocese
Management Roman Catholic Mission, Diocese of Guntur
Chairman Most Rev. CH Bagyaiah
Secretary & Correspondent Rev. Fr. Jaya Raju Bellamkonda
Asst. Director Rev. Fr. Balashowry Mallavarapu
Principal Sri. P. Ravi Kumar, Department of Economics
Vice-Principals, (for Degree College) Mr. P. Sunil, Lecturer in Statistics
Mr. E. Harinadh Reddy, Lecturer in Commerce
Vice-Principals, (for Junior College) Mrs. B. Shobha, Lecturer in Botany
Mrs. T. Chinnari, Lecturer in Zoology
Deans Mr. Y. Yogeswara Rao, Lecturer in Computer Science
Mr. M. Srinivasa Reddy, Lecturer in Commerce
Faculty Total faculty in the college is thirty (30),
belonging to various disciplines such as Literature,
Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Humanities.
They are fully qualified and experience teachers.
Office Staff Office staff comprises of Sr. Asst, Jr. Asst,
Record Asst, Computer Operator and Attender

Location of the temple of learning

Phirangipuram is a village in Guntur district of the southern part of India in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a part of Andhra Pradesh Capital Region, Amaravathi.

Co-ordinates: 160 17’ 20” N 800 15’ 46” E


As per 2011 census Phirangipuram had a population of 16,365 of which males are 8,151 and females are 8210. The average literacy rate stands at 70.25% with 10,337 literates. Still 29.75% with 6,028 number of population remain illiterates. Phirangipuram is surrounded by 18 villages.

Social and Economical Scenario

Parents of many children in this area are quarry workers, hawkers, agricultural coolies and mostly working on daily wages. So they are unable to pay huge amounts as tuition fee and get education for their children from corporate educational institutions. So, mostly they enroll their wards in government elementary schools (Mandal Parishad Elementary Schools) from I class to V classes and continue their education in government high schools (Zilla Parishad). Further, they are unaffordable to pay the higher amounts as fee and other expenditure at Intermediate (+2) and Graduate level and make them study in cities/towns located in distant places.

The Ameliorator of lives:

In the existing circumstances “The Ameliorator of lives”, the Founder of this educational institutions allocated as Secretary & Correspondent Rev. Fr. Jaya Raju Bellamkonda by the Diocese of Guntur. He came, studied and the existing academic conditions in this area and understand the need for establishment of a college to cater the educational needs of unprivileged/weaker sections of the society/downtrodden communities / economically backward people.

Motto: “Knowledge is Power”.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide rural youth by educational opportunities especially the unprivileged/weaker sections of the society/meager income resource groups/disabled etc.
  • To impart in the students, the knowledge that make them to raise to an occasion.
  • Building up character the development of personality along with academics.
  • To inculcate the spirit of service and ideals of life that will inspire them, to dedicate their lives and talents to the best interests of their fellowmen.
  • To strive for the cause of women empowerment by providing equal opportunities through co-education.
  • To train the students to become academically competent and technically conversant and to adapt to any challenges that might come their way.
  • To develop the power of clear thinking with an attitude of open mindedness to test information and to develop creative scholarship
  • To encourage the students to develop a sense of civic responsibility as a natural complement to the privileges they enjoyed during they stay in the college.

Structure of the college:

The college provides pedagogic, residential and recreational facilities. The college campus spread out in 10 acres of land. The main campus comprising of 3 blocks, east, west and north blocks. The west block is meant for Junior College, the North block is for Degree College and the East block is an administration block.

Residential Facility

The college has two residential hostels. One is for men, St. Joseph’s Hostel for men and the other is for women, Carmel Hostel for women. They provide sufficient accommodation with all amenities for students/inmates.

Play Ground

The college has sprawling play ground in the college premises which enhances the physical fitness of all the students. There is a saying that “sound body provides sound mind”. As such the students of our college provided with facility of conducting various games/sports etc.
Students from Junior & Degree colleges were allocated specific hours for playing games regularly. Extra time was also allotted to the day scholar students from afternoon of every Saturday. Hostel students both men and women were separately given opportunity to play on Sundays also.
Generally men students will play volley ball, basket ball, badminton, cricket, kabadi and women students play badminton, kho-kho and other local games.
The Physical Director and certain staff members are also accompany men and women students while taking them to ground.


The college has very good laboratories separately for Intermediate and for Degree classes, which are fully furnished with required equipment. They are Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Sciences. Botanical Garden is located on the Northern side of administrative block which contains various plants of academic interest belonging to various families. The Physics laboratory is having all the instruments that are useful for practical work as per their curriculum, for +2 and Degree students. Chemistry is depot for many chemicals which cater the practical needs of students at both Intermediate and Graduate level. Computer Science laboratory comprises of wide hall useful to accommodate as many as 50 students at a time. This laboratory is fully furnished with almost 50 systems. Recently, with the financial assistance of Rev. Fr. Rayapa Reddy, Guntur Diocese, 10 systems with high configuration were purchased and donated for the usage at graduate level.

Renovation of Administrative Block

Administrative Block/Office is an important component of any institution. In Morning Star College on Eastern side there is a strong and rectangular building which has been using for administering the college for long time. After attaining the position of Secretary & Correspondent Rev. Fr. Jaya Raj Bellamkonda thought of renovating this “Eastern Building”, so as to meet the existing academic and managerial requirements. This building accommodates chambers of principal/dean/men faculty room/women faculty room etc. It also comprises of several cabins for office staff members for the smooth functioning of the office. In the administrative block all chambers/rooms/cabins are fully furnished and all amenities were created. Renovation of this administrative office is possible due to the financial assistance by Rev. Fr. Arogyaswamy and hence he opened this administrative block on 08-09-2017 and the same is blessed by Rev. Fr. Jaya Raj Bellamkonda, Secretary & Correspondent of the college.

Water Plant

Water is a physical need for everyone. After assuming office Rev. Fr. Jaya Raj Bellamkonda realized the need for the facility of clean drinking water in the institution. So with the financial assistance of friends from Sweden and with the generosity of Rev. Fr. Rayapa Reddy and members of his office Diocese of Guntur. A water plant that provides facility of clean drinking water is established in the college on 11-10-2017