Fr. Vincent Aind
Diocese : Jalpaiguri

Dean of Philosophy &
Principal B.A. Section

Date of Birth: 30.01.1956
Date Of Ordination: 30.04.1984
Date of appointment to MSRS+C: 26.06.2007

Relevant Qualifications:
1. B.A. Eco. Hons St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling

2. M.A. English North Bengal University

3. B.Th. St. Joseph’s Seminary Mangalore

4. Ph.D. Gregorian University, Rome

Other significant appointments:
1. MSRS+C, 27.06.1999, Dean of Philosophy & Principal, B.A. Section
2. MSRS+C, 20.06.1987, Rector, Professor (Philosophy)

Publications: Enigma of Indian Tribal Life and Culture: Philosophical Investigations (Edited)

Etc: Member, Executive Committee & Editorial Team, Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI)