Fr. S. Paul Lourdusamy SJ
Society of Jesus

Professor (Moral Theology)
Spiritual Director

Date of Birth: 03.04.1956
Date Of Ordination: 24.04.1988
Date of appointment to MSRS+C: 27.06.2010

Relevant Qualifications:
1. B.A. (Hons.) Political Science: Patna University
2. B.Ph., B.Th. : Pune; V.J. Delhi
3. (Moral Theology) : V.J. Delhi
4. Ph.D. (Moral Theology) : University of Gnna Bruck, Austria

Other significant appointments:
1. Staff , RTC, Patna
2. Director , RTC, Patna
3. PCPA (Province Coordinator for Pastoral Activities), Patna Province (Twice)
4. Director/ Coordinator of Deacons and New Priests Pastoral Year Programmes, Patna Province (Twice)
5. Parish Priest, Barligha
6. Superior for Scholastics during Summer, Patna (Twice).

Italian Periodical Papers Presented:
1. Moral Theology Annual Conference
2. International Moral Theology Conference in Padua, Italia