Fr.Pascal Punno Mallick
Diocese : Krishnagar Diocese

Tresurer & Professor (Philosophy)
Email: Mobile: 8670190881

Date of Birth: 06.04.1980
Date Of Ordination: 13.11.2010
Date of appointment to MSRS+C: 15.07.2014

Relevant Qualifications:
1. B. A.
Calcutta University

2. B. Phil. Morning Star College, Barrackpur

3. B. Th. Jnana Deepa Vidhyapeeth, Pune

4. M.A. Philosophy and Religion, Kamaraj University, Madurai

5. M. Ph. Jnana Deepa Vidhyapeeth, Pune

6. Diploma in Counselling Psychology & Priestly Formation, NVSC Pune

Other significant appointments:
1. Co- Pastor: Hibipur Parish