Rev. Fr. J.A. Santhan
Diocese: Baruipur

Rector & Professor (Theology)
Emai. ID:
Mobile No.: 8902559864

Date of Birth: 10.07.1962
Date Of Ordination: 22.04.1990
Date of appointment to MSRS+C: 2001

Relevant Qualifications:
B.A. English, History: Calcutta University
B.Th: Morning Star Calcutta
M.A. History: Calcutta University
B.Ed: St. Xavier's Calcutta Uvniversity
M.Th.: Pune J.D.V.
Ph.D.: Paris. Institut Catholique

Other significant appointments:
Headmaster: St. Xavier's High School, Basanti
Professor of Systematic Theology: Morning Star
Administrator: Morning Star
Treasurer: Morning Star
Rector: Morning Star