Structure of the college

The college provides pedagogic, residential and recreational facilities. The college campus spread out in 10 acres of land. The main campus comprising of 3 blocks, east, west and north blocks. The west block is meant for Junior College, the North block is for Degree College and the East block is an administration block.

Renovation of Administrative Block

Administrative Block/Office is an important component of any institution. In Morning Star College on Eastern side there is a strong and rectangular building which has been using for administering the college for long time.

After attaining the position of Secretary & Correspondent Rev. Fr. Jaya Raj Bellamkonda thought of renovating this “Eastern Building”, so as to meet the existing academic and managerial requirements. This building accommodates chambers of principal/dean/men faculty room/women faculty room etc. It also comprises of several cabins for office staff members for the smooth functioning of the office.

In the administrative block all chambers/rooms/cabins are fully furnished and all amenities were created. Renovation of this administrative office is possible due to the financial assistance by Rev. Fr. Arogyaswamy and hence he opened this administrative block on 08-09-2017 and the same is blessed by Rev. Fr. Jaya Raj Bellamkonda, Secretary & Correspondent of the college.