An incomparable experience!

It is always good to be back to the desk either in front or at the back of it, since I always felt nostalgic when it came to studies. Even then, after nearly two decades of education ministry, when I was requested to do Theology, a bit of hesitation was in my mind. It was a matter of sitting with youngsters including one of my students in the class room for nearly three and a half years!

Anyway, I took up the challenge and to my consolation there were three brothers from Darjeeling who were senior to me and that boosted my morale!

As the college reopened for the new session in 2008 I had butterflies in my stomach as to how it was going to be, to study with the freshers from college with enthusiasm and vigour, new ideas and new philosophy. I almost thought that I would be left alone to fend for myself. But very soon, I realized that I was surrounded by my younger brothers who were there always ready to help me, to cheer me and to give confidence that after all, everything is possible and that one needn’t be tied down by one’s background. Then onwards I have started enjoying my classes and other co-curricular activities, ashram experience and all that pertaining to B.Th. in Morning Star College.

I found the Rector Fr. Franklin Menezes and the Dean Fr. John Romus and the Professors extremely co-operative and approachable. I feel I belong to this extended family of Morning Star College and that I have an affectionate ‘Gang’ of younger brothers and a very loving set of elder brothers. Where there is love there is God and I know God is present here in and around me if I have the eyes to see, wherever I may be.

Sr. K. Catherine FC
3rd Year Theology

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