It's nice to be here!

I am Bro. Niraj Toppo, studying in the third year of Theology. I strongly believe in the adage - “ True voice of feeling characterizes everything; everything unique, exclusive and original ”. Taking this as my motto when I brood over my life in Morning Star Regional Seminary, the gentle and genuine cry of St. Peter at the Transfiguration ‘Lord it is nice to be here’ enraptures me. I feel proud to be a part of MSC, a temple of learning which is striving indefatigably to render to us an all round formation (Physical, Human, Emotional, Intellectual, Pastoral and Spiritual).

We belong to diverse groups and cultural backgrounds coming from as far away as North East and Southern Tip of India as well as from our neighbouring countries Nepal and Bangladesh. We live together happily and strive together to become good, holy and zealous priests. I am greatly privileged to study in this International Major Seminary, which is so rich in culture and imparts such a profound and integrated formation. We are a community rooted in love, joy, peace and understanding, because of which even the toughest problems and difficulties are overcome. There is a very good rapport between the Staff and the Students. Our interaction is manifold – we pray together, celebrate the Eucharist together, study together, work together, play together and all this help build a true koinonia, oneness in mind and heart among ourselves.

Besides this, as we are also frail human beings there are rare incidents of arguments and misunderstandings. But these incidents make life even more real and interesting. This is the sole reason why the pain of leaving my family and friends is easily bearable. The Lord compensates for this with unending joy of this great family and friends. My life here is further enriched by the way our Formators deal with us. They are Philosophers, Friends and Guides to us. They impart education to us from their abundance of knowledge and experiences and those sound spiritual and human values that will truly make our future priesthood effective and efficacious. A lot of laughter in between makes everything even more beautiful and enjoyable.

Bro. Niraj Toppo
3rd Year Theology
Diocese of Bagdogra

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