I am a student of Theology 1st Year .  It is my privilege to write about my life in Morning Star Regional Seminary. I am Joseph M Thohrii from the Archdiocese of Imphal, Manipur. I am humbled at the same time privileged today, as I jot down these few lines of my ongoing journey in this home. As I continue to travel my life’s journey, a string of joy and happiness pass by me. I reached Morning Star Seminary, Barrackpore, Kolkata and as I stepped in this place for the first time I could experience a feeling of ease and beckoned with a future of hope deep within me. The family of MSC is indeed a home where love, peace and joy dwells and flow.

The the 26th of June 2013 will ever remain a historical and memorable day in my life for on this day I join this wonderful home. I was welcomed with smiles and hugs. Amidst the heat, the smiles of the brothers kept me cool and refreshed. As we began our classes, I began to celebrate knowledge and share ideas which greatly enriched me.

The learned and experienced professors make me think and grasp the unthinkable. The fatherly touch of the superiors makes me feel that “They have touched and I’ve grown”. The brotherly affection of the friends make me recall the magnetic and trustworthy friends of mine of the yesteryears. The spiritual atmosphere elevates my mind and heart to God. The calm and serene environment simply adds flavor and taste to my life. I am confident that this home will mould, shape and refine me in the way God wants me to be. Indeed MSC is a “Home away from Home”. As I pen down this experience and sentiments of mine, I hope it echo’s too the feelings and voices of the other fresher’s and batch mates of mine, the 1st year Theology students of 2013. I am sure Mary, the Morning Star and the ever Shining Star will lead us on our journey towards priesthood. Dear friends kindly remember me in your daily prayers that I may continue to strive to form myself better day by day.

Keep a seminarian
in prayer!
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